Jabra Direct


Giving You Confidence in Every Call

Jabra Direct is free PC software enabling Jabra USB devices to have remote call control over most softphones. It also brings you features to personalise your Jabra device, to improve your device with firmware upgrades and offers a dashboard with status display to ensure everything is ready for the next call.

Now includes Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer.

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VERSION # | 13.04.2015

Release notes | Datasheet

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Easily transfer your Skype for Business and Lync PC calls to your smartphone. Ideal for when you need to head out the office door or move away from your desk. Now available with the Jabra Evolve 40 and 80 headsets and the latest version of Jabra Direct.

Find out more about the Jabra Evolve series and Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer

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See the datasheet for a list of compatible softphones


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